Lookin' for a Honey

So Saturday turned out to be another one of those "don't wanna do anything" kind of days. We decided to cruise around to a couple of farmers markets. I struck pay gold at the Leesburg, VA farmers market when I found a vendor selling my favorite honey. Buckwheat honey has a distinct taste that is very different from other honeys. Yum. This is the description off of the apiarists' (Bees N' Blossoms) site:

One of the most popular honey nectars! Buckwheat honey is one of the most antioxidant rich honeys produced! Darker in color and with a deep rich flavor, buckwheat honey is an excellent choice for cooking and baking as well as general use.

A lazy Saturday morning

We took some time-out to cruise the Mustang up to Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, MD. While there I tried my best to make the turtles smile. Check out a few more pictures over on my Flickr site: Bubba's Toybox.

I see dead people....

Well, Peg did. She and her girlfriend took a trip to Paris, France and snapped tons of pictures. Slowly I am going through them all. You can see more of her pictures on her Flickr site Pez4Peg. The trip to the catacombs was my only condition for her travel and she brought me back some neat photos!