Times are tough

We went to the International Gem & Jewelry Show this weekend in Chantily, VA and had no problem shopping. Normally you are shoulder to shoulder at this show but the crowds were quite manageable. We were in and out in a couple of hours with about 3/4 of the items we had on our purchase list. And we behaved! We only bought off our list for a change.

The ice is gone!

My driveway finally thawed out on Sunday so I was able to take the mustang out for a test drive. I had made some minor modifications last month and just wanted to go for a ride. So, I am driving normally and waiting for the engine to warm up. I get out to the main road and stomp on the gas. This causes a loud squeal but not the good tire type. Dang it. Belt is slipping on the supercharger. Oh well. At least it ran well other than that. I behaved myself the rest of the drive and only barked the tires a couple of times. Another project...


One of the reasons I endure the long commute is I love where I live. Peg snapped this picture through our backyard window. This little fella hung around the backyard for quite some time.