Furball - AKA Furby - Our Maine Coon


Sometimes our old cat thinks she is a kitten. I really don’t mind most of the time but lately she has been transforming in the middle of the night. She will start by singing up a storm and then she usually follows with a round of smack the toilet bolt cover across the wood floors. She doesn’t like cat toys but leave a twisty-tie on the floor and it’s gone. This weekend we put up the Christmas tree and she invented a new game, “Attack from the Forest.” She hides under the tree, which is quite a feat for this 18lb. monster, then attacks anyone that happens to walk by. Furby is the grumpiest cat we have ever owned. She absolutely does not like visitors. If she hears a baby on the television she will growl. I guess she is like me in that way. Just because she has loads of personality I guess we’ll keep her.

Bubba gets some culture



In all the years that we have lived in the Washington, DC area we have never gone to see a production at Ford’s Theatre. So on Sunday, we decide to hop on Metrorail and catch a matinee of A Christmas Carol. The theatre is located just a couple of blocks from the Metro Center stop and since I hate driving in the city this worked out great. The theatre is fairly small and these matinees tend to sell out quickly. Our balcony seats weren’t the best but they weren’t too bad either.  The balcony has some real bad seats due to the support columns blocking views and if you are on the sides you lose part of the front of the stage. If I went again I would want to stay out of the balcony. The show was well done and we really enjoyed our afternoon. It was just the perfect thing to start the Holiday season.

The Drive Home




Is it just me or have the sunsets been extra colorful lately? I shot this out my truck window on the drive home Friday with my iPhone.

First Holiday Show of the Season

Saturday was the first Holiday show of the season for BG Customs. We did well but the show, Joyful Noise at Dominion High School in Sterling, VA, wasn’t well attended. It was great to see a number of friends that live in the area and came out to see what we were selling. We will probably be back at this show again next year.

Road Trip to Myrtle Beach





We love going to Myrtle Beach, SC in late October and early November. The water is still warm and there are almost no crowds. The reason we go is for the PEZ in the Sun PEZ gathering but that’s really just an excuse. This year we tried to find a few new things to do as well as our old favorites. Eating is one of the highlights of Myrtle Beach area. Of course, I have to make a trip to Bubba’s Fish Shack in Surfside Beach for a serving of Pickle Nickels. The other two awesome places we ate during this trip were Amici’s Italian Bistro and the fabulous Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse. You can’t go wrong by eating at any of those spots.

Peg and I are big car freaks so we thought we would checkout the new Wheels of Yesteryear Museum. There was I nice collection of cars but I wish the displays weren’t so squished together. Lots of Mopars. Peg was happy that they had her new favorite car which is a Nash Metropolitan.

We took in a show once again and this years choice was The Magical Spirit of Ireland at the Palace Theatre. Peg liked it but I thought it was just okay. When they say intimate setting they really mean SMALL. We sat in the front row and I wished we were back a few rows for this venue.

When at the beach you have to play Putt-Putt. This year we played both courses at Captain Hooks. This has to be one of the best themed courses in Myrtle. There were all sorts of extra details based on the story of Peter Pan. I highly recommend playing a round or two. 

We stayed once again at the Springmaid Beach Resort since this is where the PEZ event is held. It is at the southern most side of Myrtle and very quiet. A plus is that they have a nice pier that is free with your room. Not the best resort on the beach but it is pretty clean and best of all it is cheap.