And the winner is...

Bubba's 2001 GMC Sonoma

John and Theresa Shirley's 1955 Chevy Bel Air Sedan

The weekend finally was nice enough to take in a car show. Too bad the car show wasn't that great. But, you have to get out to be able to figure that out for yourself. The "show" at the Grand Opening of Weis Gas wasn't organized very well. And because of the quirky nature of participant voting I took home the first place trophy! The truck was clean and I scared many of the spectators with the LOUD train horns that I have mounted under the truck bed. Gimmicks work well to earn you votes in peoples choice voting.

After the show I was able to take some photos for our good friends the Shirley's. John is trying to get his 1955 Chevy into a local calendar for 2011. Step one was a good photo to put on the voting site. I wish we had a better background for the photo but you have to work with what you have. This one is a little busy but the road works well. Any decent car photo needs a road underneath it because that is where you expect to find a car. If you like the Shirley's Hot Rod than be sure to vote for them at The Herald-Mail newspaper.

Limited Edition Camaro Spotted

Limited Edition Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Camaro

Driving home on Rt 340 we spotted a 2010 Limited Edition Camaro sitting on top of a car hauler. The driver had stopped to eat at a local restaurant and was getting ready to leave. I quickly turned around and Peg was able to get this shot with her iPhone. The car is based on the Camaro 2SS (with the RS appearance package). It features an Inferno Orange paint job, White Pearl rally stripes, a 'heritage' grille, Indy 500 decals, and 20-inch aluminum wheels. Inside, the cabin is outfitted with leather upholstery, embroidered headrests, and Inferno Orange accents. All this is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine with 400 hp (298 kW / 406 PS) and 410 lb-ft (555 Nm) of torque. About 350 of these were built and they are giving one away at the Hot Rod Power Tour. Maybe he will just have to turn arund and deliver one to Bubba's Garage!

Going Buggy at Carlisle Import and Kit Car Nationals

EMPI Imp Dune Buggy

Clint Lehr's Awesome EMPI Imp

Kathleen's Meyers Manxter 2+2

Bubba and the Dune Buggy Legend Bruce Meyers

What a great Friday I had at the Carlisle Import and Kit Car Nationals! I always seem to start out these shows the same way. "Grumble, grumble. I'm tired. Don't wanna go." But, usually by the time I am half way to a show I am singing with the radio and just an all around better person. You really should get out and do more shows. Anyways, Carlisle was the place to be if you had any interest in kit cars and seeing as I dig the crap out of dune buggies I guess I was in the right spot. There was a very good sized collection of buggies at this event. Bruce Meyers, the designer of the Meyers Manx known as the original fiberglass dune buggy, was there signing autographs and I was able to get a photo with him to add to my wall in the garage. Check out more of my show pictures over at

Trip Report - Carlisle Performance and Style

Subaru Impreza WRX on the Hill

Joey Talarico's 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse with Flames and Demons

With Saturday morning being a total bust for the Berryville Craft Market (VA) due to the high winds, we set off for the Carlisle Performance and Style show at the Carlisle Fairgrounds (PA). The first thing you notice is how expensive the show is at $20 a person and $10 for parking. Ouch! Okay, it's only money. While there were plenty of cars, trucks, and SUVs on the show field there were only a couple dozen of what I would consider high end builds. Still, I enjoyed myself so I guess it was worth the trip. You can check out some more of my photos in the Picture Gallery over at as well as another blog entry.

Toad-ally Laid Back

I snapped a photo of this guy snoozing on the railing of our steps Friday afternoon. This toad was super tiny at maybe two inches long. He was captured using a Tamron SP AF 60mm f/2 DiII Macro lens on my Nikon D300. Ain't he cute!?