Hot as a Mudder Mud Bog

Lasers and mud! It was a perfect day for WV Mud Hunters Motorsports to try out their new laser timing system. Their July Mud Bog race at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Kearneysville, WV was dubbed “Hot as a Mudder”  for the anticipated Summer heat. Luckily, it wasn’t all that bad.

Mud Bog Tech InspectionMud Bog Tech Inspection

The crews worked as quickly as possible to get everyone through tech inspection. The Mud Hunters take safety very serious and they want everyone to have a good time and not get hurt.

Hot as a Mudder Mud BogHot as a Mudder Mud Bog

Before the races you can wander around the pits. But, it wouldn’t be long before all the clean sheet metal would be covered in the finest West Virginia mud.

Hot as a Mudder Mud Bog Drivers MeetingHot as a Mudder Mud Bog

As the final preparations were done to the track, the crowds began to swell over in the spectator area. After a brief drivers meeting it was race time.

Mud Bog RaceMud Bog Race

Rooster Tail of MudExtreme Mud on tire

With rooster tails of mud, it was sometimes difficult to even see the trucks. This was some good mud that sticks to everything! As they progressed through the classes, the trucks just got faster and the mud flew higher. The guys and gals of WV Mud Hunters Motorsports always put on a good show. Check out their website for a schedule of their next races.

Want to see some more photos of the mud bog race?  Just head over to our photo site.

Dragons Invade Washington, DC!

You would have thought you were actually in a magical time of dragons if you had witnessed Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular at the Verizon Center. The 23 flying, fire-shooting, smoke-breathing dragons moved about the stage as if they were real. They were also massive! Some of them were as long as 50 feet with a wingspan of 40 feet. The heaviest of the animatronics weigh in at 2.6 tons.



Peg scored us some seats in the “Dragon Hot Seats” area which just means you are up close. There really isn’t any fire to warm you. Just fog and lights made to realistically make the dragons belch fire. While the show is a technical marvel to look at, we found the parts between critters kind of slow and boring. But, just seeing these huge animatronics and the way the designers have incorporated the media wall is well worth the price of admission.



The show designers created a track system which allows for added excitement as the dragons and their riders circle the arena. For safety, they do not fly above the crowds. Great lighting and decent sound round out the pluses of How to Train Your Dragon.

Watch the movie first and you will probably enjoy the live show even more!