Photos from the Bridge of the Norwegian Pearl

Should you upgrade your room to a suite on your cruise to Alaska? The perks that come along with the upgrade at least on the Norwegian Pearl are well worth the extra price if you can afford it. One of the perks is a tour of the bridge. This is a must do if you are at all interested in mechanical things.

Bridge of the Norwegian Pearl

We received our invitation to tour the bridge on our last day of our Cruise to Alaska. The Chief Officer, +Vicente Amicone , took the time to explain how the ship controls worked, some of the design aspects of the ship, and stories about life as an officer aboard a ship. He also explained that the ship is maneuvered using electric propulsion units that can be swiveled in any direction along with bow thrusters. This makes sense after watching the 965ft Norwegian Pearl maneuvered next to a dock a few times. He was very knowledgeable and we really enjoyed our brief tour with him.

Vicente Amicone on the Norwegian Pearl

Gauges on the Bridge of the Norwegian Pearl

Bridge Controls on the Norwegian Pearl

If you don't get a chance to take a tour of the ship, you can still watch from the Bridge Viewing Room on deck 11. You can see some photos of the building of the Norwegian Pearl here as well as a large model of the ship. Peg snapped a shot of our room as it looks from the outside of the model.

Model of the Norwegian Pearl in the Bridge Observation Room

Our Room on the Norwegian Pearl Model

Be sure to take a tour of the bridge aboard the Norwegian Pearl if you get the chance. And if you do, tell Vicente, Bubba says, "Hi."