Bubba's Garage Invades North Carolina

Do you ever have one of those ideas that just comes together quicker than you ever thought could? We had been thinking of finding a location further south during the last couple of months. Our searches had us settling in Western North Carolina (WNC) and in December we scheduled a meeting with a potential realtor firm, Brevard Realty Team, in the town of Brevard, NC. While we absolutely loved the town, housing options within walking distance to downtown left us feeling depressed. We weren't really ready to purchase anything. We were just scouting out neighborhoods. So, Lazelle Calloway, from the Brevard Realty Team, suggested we take a look at Waynesville, NC. We scheduled time to look at a few houses and we fell in love with the town.  It was getting late and I was ready to just have some fun. I didn't want to look at anymore houses but we had one more scheduled. The last house we were going to look at during this trip.

Wouldn't you know it; perfect location, almost perfect layout, large basement garage. Thanks goes to the Brevard Realty Team for doing such a great job making this happen so quick. We now have a second location from which to explore more festivals and area happenings! Waynesville, Excellent!