Couples Therapy: Building the Eiffel Tower

Many people ask us how we keep our marriage working. The simple answer is we do things together. Sometimes we pick what I like to do and other times we pick what Peg likes to do and sometimes we combine likes to do something totally different. On this craft adventure we combined Peg's love for all things Paris with my crafty nature of building things. Behold, Creatology's Eiffel Tower Wooden Puzzle.

Creatology Wooden Puzzle

Sure puzzles make for some quality couple time but 3-D puzzles are a little more challenging. The puzzle came on three laser cut boards. We popped all the pieces out and arranged them neatly on a folding table. After matching the pieces to the pictures we soon had the base complete.

Peg assembles the base of the Eiffel Tower

Base of the Eiffel Tower Puzzle

It took a bit of teamwork to align the next pieces but quickly our structure began to look like the Eiffel Tower.

Bubba assembles Creatology's Eiffel Tower Puzzle

Building the main section of the Eiffel Tower puzzle

The total time to assemble and glue the 3D puzzle took a little over an hour. After letting the tower dry for a day, we spray painted it using a hammer tone finish. Now we have a lovely knickknack to display on our shelf.

Gluing the final puzzle peices

Completed Creatology's Eiffel Tower Puzzle

Painted Eiffel Tower Puzzle

Try some quality time together assembling a puzzle. Being together will give you a chance to talk about what is happening in your lives. And, don't forget to HAVE FUN!