Can dead cats kill dogwoods?

Surrounding our little pet cemetery in the backyard and on the trail to Bubba's garage were several dogwood trees. It now seems that they are either dead or dying. I just had a humorous thought while I was pulling up a stump of one of the dead dogwoods that maybe the ghosts of the cats did not like being buried next to the DOGwoods. Dunno. Makes you think.

New Tattoo

For some reason I get the stupid urge to make lots of smoke when pulling the Mustang into our driveway. This time while doing a burnout I probably held the go pedal down a little too long. Everything stunk like burning rubber for a good 30 minutes. There is nothing like tattooing your own driveway.

Going once, twice, SOLD!

We decided to go check out the Atlantic City Car Show and Auction on Saturday. That was a waste of time. The vendors were all of the flea market variety. The car corral had about 25% modern cars and mostly crap. It was expensive at $20 box a person. The only bright spot was that the auction had a over dozen very cool cars. Oh well, at least we weren't sitting around the house. To try and salvage the outing I took Peg over to the outlet mall in Reading, PA. I like driving so the 500+ miles and 6 states put a smile on my face.