Motorama 2012 at the PA Farm Expo Complex

Motorama Events boasts that it is “The Nations Largest ALL Indoor Motorsports Event Featuring 1 Million Sq. Feet Of Exhibit Space.” Not only is it probably the largest indoor show but it is one of our favorites! The event is several car shows, rc racing, quad racing, kart racing, quarter midget racing, arena cross, and much, much more all under one roof. But, every February Bubba’s Garage comes for the cars.


The main car show, “The Rod, Custom, and Tuner Show”, has a little bit of everything. Restored classics and fabulous customs are mixed with radically tricked-out tuners.


Why don’t more people do white cars? I love white cars and Paul Hunsicker’s 2003 Nissan 350Z with a carbon fiber hood shows why white works.


If you are going to theme your ride and your display you should go all the way. Gary and Flo Garman’s 1955 Chevy “Watermelon” truck had me smiling. Everything was done up in watermelon green with red accents. Peg even swore she smelled watermelon!


We have seen Alton Love’s 1956 Chevy Hardtop at a few other shows but it is no less beautiful. The orange to purple fade is just stunning as well as the totally custom engine bay.


A few show bikes were under the roof as well. Harley Davidson was the most represented with bikes like Fred Waltz’s 2009 Custom Harley and Rick Fetrow’s 1947 Harley Davidson Flathead.


Of course if you need something to tow your bike with you can’t get any better than Ron Yeager’s 1953 Dodge Truck. This puppy has a custom sled hooked up to a winch that loads his bike into the bed of the truck.



Motorama is a family event. There is something for all ages in which they can compete. It was great to see the youngsters taking some practice laps over in the quarter midget area.


We also stayed for the some of the arena cross rounds but we were showing our age.  The main arena was loud and the exhaust was rough on us. Still, we did enjoy our stay. The arena is set up very well and allows for some exciting action.



Over in the Speed Show area you could find anything from sprint cars to monster trucks. Heck, even the Mid Penn Garden Tractor Pullers had a number of there tractors cleaned up and on display. We really aren’t kidding when we say there is something for everyone here!


How about some great music? Sure, Motorama has that as well. We listened to the Jazz Me Rhythm and Blues Band play some awesome tunes as we gawked at all the vehicles on-hand around the stage.


Do you like muscle cars? How about these customs!? Derek White’s 1970 AMX and Rick Gentry’s 1968 Camaro were in the house.

Motorama is definitely one of those shows you need to attend at least once. Try to get there early and be sure to buy your tickets in advance. This show is very popular so it does get crowded.

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US Army Heritage Trail

While riding along I-81 near Carlisle, PA we have always noticed the US Army Heritage Trail which is clearly visible from the highway. On Saturday, we decide to investigate it just a little closer. The Heritage Trail is part of the U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center and is free to the public. The trail consists of fourteen individual exhibits along roughly one mile of graveled walkways.


You can often find re-enactors in period correct uniforms scattered about the displays. On this day we found a group of soldiers gathered around an M-18 Tank Destroyer, nicknamed the “Hellcat".”


You can get a sense of what it would be like to fight in the trenches of WWI by exploring the recreations of a section of fighting trench or going underground into a German Pillbox.


Be sure to climb the guard tower over at the Vietnam era Fire Support Base to get a great view of the campus. From the USAHEC website:

The Vietnam Fire Support Base (FSB) exhibit is one of the prominent features of the Army Heritage Trail. Our collection of 105mm artillery howitzers aim over defensive berms and barbed wire to represent the layout of fire support bases used by American forces during the Vietnam War. The base also contains sandbagged munitions storage bunkers and a guard tower with a view of the entire trail. Within the compound, the "Hootch" display gives visitors a feel for how the Soldiers lived when stationed at a FSB. Behind the compound, a Huey Helicopter is approaching the FSB on a resupply mission, flying low over the representative termite hills of the Battle of Ia Drang exhibit.


Other items that you can see on the trail include an 8 inch M1 Howitzer, an M42 “Duster”, an M60 “Patton” Tank, an AH-1 Cobra helicopter, and an M4 Sherman Tank. There are also several other areas that depict buildings from different war times to explore.


Even though the Heritage Trail can be seen next to I-81, it can be a little tricky to find. The best way is to set your GPS to 950 Soldiers Drive, Carlisle, PA. On a nice day the trail is a great place to get out and stretch your legs.

Installing a Steam Train Whistle in the Garage

For some reason, I like train whistles. The neighbors probably hate me for this passion but I try not to toot my horns too often and never early in the morning or late at night. We installed a large steam train whistle this week in Bubba’s Garage. While we weren’t sure it would work off our air compressor and 1/2” piping it ended up being plenty loud. First up – the train whistle.


Peg sourced this beast from MD Whistles out of Fairmont, WV. It is a Duluth Missabe & Iron Range (DMIR) 3-chime whistle. We then ordered a 1 1/2” to 1/2” bushing from Grainger Supply since we couldn’t find one local. Next up was a United Brass Whistle Valve that I purchased off of eBay so we can pull a cord and make it toot. Add some black pipe from Home Depot and we were in business.


We still need to finish some brackets but the shop compressor handles the whistle pretty well. Bubba’s Garage now goes “Woo-Woo!”