Visiting Biltmore Estate at Christmas

Biltmore Estate during Christmas is a wonderful experience. We are annual pass holders so the Christmas at Biltmore Daytime Celebration is included. Reservations are still required to enter the house but annual pass holders aren't charged extra for the self guided tour. A bonus for pass holders is that you get up close parking as well.

Biltmore House

Waynesville - A Night Before Christmas

Every year on the second Saturday of December Waynesville, North Carolina closes down Main Street for their "A Night Before Christmas" celebration. It is a small town get-together to usher in the Christmas season.

Photos from the WWII Weekend in Reading, PA

If you like vintage warbirds or anything related to WWII then do yourself a favor and visit the WWII Weekend held by the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, Pennsylvania.  Every June a dedicated group of reenactors puts on a fantastic event based on the time era of WWII.

Block Party in Waynesville

As we walked to Downtown Waynesville we could hear the first of three bands that were playing on Main Street during the Waynesville Block Party. Main Street was closed to car traffic and the The Dirty Soul Revival was cranking out some jammin' rock tunes.

The Dirty Soul Revival in Waynesville

Getting our stink on at the Waynesville Ramp Festival

Ah, the Ramp. The Hillbilly Bouquet of Love.  A stinky little wild onion that tastes like a cross between an onion and a garlic clove. We have been warned that if you eat too many you will stink for at least three days! We set out for the American Legion Post 47 in Waynesville, NC for the 84th Annual Ramp Festival. This small town in Appalachian country is a perfect host for such a festival.

Waynesville Ramp Festival

Asheville Herb Festival

There is no better way to welcome Spring then to attend the Asheville Herb Festival. Now in its 27th year, the herb festival was held at the WNC Farmers Market in Asheville, NC. You could find all sorts of herbs to start in you garden. Flowers were in ample supply as well. And, who can resist early Spring ramps and strawberries? Walk through all the vendors and the other shops at the WNC Farmers Market for an enjoyable morning.

Bubba's Garage uses UCoat It

One of the first things we do to the floors in our garages is to install an epoxy coating from UCoat It. Over the years we have tried different methods of flooring and UCoat It last the longest and is fairly easy to install yourself. For around $600 for the entire kit for a single bay it isn't cheap but we have yet to have any problems with any of the floors where we have used it. Figure on half a day to do the prep work, a full day for the base coats, and half a day for the finish coat. Most of that time is waiting for things to dry but don't rush it. UCoat It comes in many different color options but we chose beige with a turf UFlek-AF for our Waynesville garage. Next up is to paint the walls and change out the window treatments.

Getting Cheesy at the Carolina Mountain Cheese Fest

I am not sure about you but I love me some good cheese.We decided to check out the Carolina Mountain Cheese Fest this year which was held at Highland Brewing in Asheville, NC.   The festival is held to benefit the WNC Cheese Trail and to promote the artisan cheese industry in WNC. Over 30 vendors, more than half of them being cheese makers, were on hand this year and most of them provided samples. Yum!

Greening Up the Mountains: A Festival in Sylva, NC

Greening Up the Mountains is a nice little festival in downtown Sylva, NC. The festival is held the last weekend in April each year and has around 200 different vendors, including those at the farmers market. Various musical acts perform throughout the festival in different locations. If you are hungry there are food vendors as well. Hint: Don't try and park downtown, like we did, if you visit the festival. Instead park at the Justice Center and take the shuttle. You will be much happier.

Mini Truckin' National Photos

The 22nd Annual SouthEast Mini Truckin' Nationals was held once again in beautiful Maggie Valley, NC and we were there to bring you some photos from Saturday morning's show. Friday started off wet but by Saturday morning the sun was trying to peak out and the truck show was slowly filling the fairgrounds.

Mini Truck at SouthEast Mini Truckin' Nationals

Goodbye, Hearsela!

After a very long time sitting in Bubba's Garage, we came to the conclusion that our 1963 Cadillac Hearse known as "Hearsela" would never get restored. Lack of time was the biggest issue.  We sold her and she is now headed for the West coast.  She left her mark on the garage floor; you could see the entire x-frame from where rust had fallen to the floor. Anyone have a tissue? I think I might cry.

Bubba's Garage Invades North Carolina

Do you ever have one of those ideas that just comes together quicker than you ever thought could? We had been thinking of finding a location further south during the last couple of months. Our searches had us settling in Western North Carolina (WNC) and in December we scheduled a meeting with a potential realtor firm, Brevard Realty Team, in the town of Brevard, NC. While we absolutely loved the town, housing options within walking distance to downtown left us feeling depressed. We weren't really ready to purchase anything. We were just scouting out neighborhoods. So, Lazelle Calloway, from the Brevard Realty Team, suggested we take a look at Waynesville, NC. We scheduled time to look at a few houses and we fell in love with the town.  It was getting late and I was ready to just have some fun. I didn't want to look at anymore houses but we had one more scheduled. The last house we were going to look at during this trip.

Wouldn't you know it; perfect location, almost perfect layout, large basement garage. Thanks goes to the Brevard Realty Team for doing such a great job making this happen so quick. We now have a second location from which to explore more festivals and area happenings! Waynesville, Excellent!