10th Annual Holley NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion

Fantastic nostalgia drag racing could be found at Beech Bend Raceway Park during the Hot Rod Reunion. The more than 60 year old Beech Bend Raceway dragstrip was the perfect hosting facility for this awesome race and vintage car show held in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Corvette Gasser at Hot Rod ReunionRadical Hot Rod at Hot Rod Reunion

Tina Black's 56 Hot Rod LincolnBob King's 64 VW Beetle 

As soon as you walked onto the show field your eyes were attacked by all the great rides present. There were old Beetles to vintage gassers scattered about the tree lined fields. The hot rods were displaying all shades of the rainbow as well.



It is all the great details that draw us to these shows. Many of these car owners also have a wicked sense of humor.

2012Jun14-Hot-Rod-Reunion-299Rick Browning's 1951 Mercury


You can never go wrong painting your hot rod or custom with traditional skinny flame licks. The Hot Rod Reunion again had many colors to choose from.


The pit crews were sweating hard under the mid-day sun but the covered spectator areas of Beech Bend Raceway provided relief for guests. Why don’t all drag strips have covered seating?

Bob Durling Teacher's Pet2012Jun14-Hot-Rod-Reunion-318-2

2012Jun14-Hot-Rod-Reunion-386Tiki Warrior Funny Car

Over three hundred drivers suited up to make a pass down the strip. Dragsters included AA/Fuel Altereds, Funny Cars, front-engine Top Fuelers, and of course mile-high Gassers.

Helter Skelter2012Jun14-Hot-Rod-Reunion-372

Great big smoky burnouts were common. At times, you couldn’t even see the cars due to all the smoke and the lack of a decent breeze.

McLaughlin & HolmesPlymouth Drag'n Wag'n

Of course with all the horsepower these racers have under the hood you know the wheels are going up!

Push start dragster

The Holley NHRA National Hot Rod Reunion is a fantastic event whether you wish to participate or just sit back, watch, and pretend you have traveled back in time.

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