The People of WW II Weekend

World War II (WW II) Weekend is an event held each year in Reading, PA by the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum. Now in its 22nd year, the event takes over Reading Regional Airport – Spaatz Field. The crowds may be quite large but you never really feel squished because of the amount of space that the event encompasses. About the only real time you notice the crowd is when you are standing in line for the porta-potties or when one of the several battle scenes breaks out and everyone rushes to see what the gunfire is all about. (click on photos for larger view)


WW II Weekend, like any great event, requires great people. What makes this event even more special is that there are over 1200 of these great people or re-enactors. Setup in small encampments around the airfield are both Allied Forces and Axis Powers.  The level of detail that each player displays is very impressive.  Very rarely did I notice anyone break from their character.





Just for your entertainment, you may find some historical characters roaming the fields. Delmas P. Woods was doing a great job as President Roosevelt. General Patton, as played by Gib Buckbee, was always around. Representing the women was Alison Chambers portraying Betty Grable. Various music shows go on all weekend and Theresa Eaman was one of our favorites.



It’s not all about the tough guys at WWII Weekend. There are many girl re-enactors as well. A good many were doing their best to be pin-up girls but there were an equal number of nurses and era correct civilians as well.





The biggest draw to WWII Weekend is the airshow. But, those warbirds do not fly without the crew and their pilots.




WWII Weekend is one of the best events you will ever attend. It is many shows all rolled into one which gives everyone something to do. You can see more photos from the 2012 show at