Vehicles and Machine Guns at the WWII Weekend

It was an invasion of sorts at the WWII Weekend in Reading, PA. There were more machine guns mounted on vehicles than I have ever seen in one civilian gathering. All the support vehicles were equally as impressive but the dream of riding in a half-track during northern VA traffic and opening up with one of those guns makes me chuckle. Most of the guns (all?) were non-functioning or propane powered prop guns so if you actually did decide to use one of these it would just be the scare factor. The sound of guns blazing could be heard all weekend and the best part was no one had to die.




If military Jeeps are your thing you could have found well over a dozen different ones throughout the airfield. Most branches of the military were represented.





How about some military motorcycles? There was a very impressive collection of these. The German division even had several BMWs with sidecars and machine gun mounts!


You can’t have a war without trucks. At WWII Weekend you could have found ambulances, supply trucks, and personnel carriers everywhere.




And last but not least, how about a few vintage staff cars to round out the collection?


We at Bubba’s Garage like anything vintage with wheels so this made for am enjoyable weekend. Check out more photos of the WWII Weekend over in the Events area of our photography site.