GoGo Pony put out to Pasture

Our 2006 Ford Mustang GT convertible was purchased in December of 2005 for the Hot Rod Power Tour. We modified it with all kinds of speed goodies. I have driven it to speeds in excess of 120 mph but never once received a ticket. It was loud and bright. It did take us on two Hot Rod Power tours, won several trophies, and was the cause of numerous sunburns. I revved the engine one last time before handing over the keys. Now, it belongs to someone else. Hope they enjoy it.



  1. Hi Bubba,

    I bought your awesome pony!!! you built a great car!!!

    Hope to stay in touch.

    Take care,


    1. Phil-we found the boot for the top if you want it let us know.

  2. Thanks, Phil!

    I worked most of the bugs out of the system. One thing to watch out for is overfilling the cooling system. Because of the oversized radiator you need to leave room in the recovery tank; only fill it to the black mark. Also, don't forget to purge the oil catch can occasionally; petcock is on the bottom.