2011 Mudtoberfest Mud Bog

The final Mud Bog race of the season for the WV Mud Hunters was held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on Saturday. These guys and gals know how to host an awesome event. It’s a family friendly good time.

We headed out a little early so we could walk around the pits and chat with friends.


Soon I was in position in the mud flinging area to take some photos. How come no one else was around me? Well, it might have been the fact that if you were anywhere near me you were under constant attack by large mud balls. I was doing pirouettes as the trucks passed to shield the camera! Hopefully there aren’t any videos of me dancing.


There was great mud racing all afternoon. The variety of classes allowed for slower stockers and fast modifieds.


The track crew did a great job at grooming the track. The mud pit was just about perfect.

Broken rigs can sometimes lead to some great entertainment. After this Jeep threw a driveshaft the search was on to find it in the mud. A spectator in the crowd said she had a metal detector app on her phone and decided to jump in the mud to help. The crowd was waiting for a face-plant into the mud but everyone survived.

A little bit of a scare happened when one of the unlimited racers lost control of his vehicle and flipped it at the end of the track. Luckily, the driver was not hurt. The Jeep didn’t fair as well.


After all that mud there is only one good way to clean up. Find a friendly neighborhood firefighter with a fire hose!

We totally enjoyed ourselves and plan on attending more events next year. You can check out more of our photos over on our BG Customs photo site.