Wilton, Iowa - Small Town USA

Bubba sitting at the counter in the Wilton Candy Kitchen
The Wilton Candy Kitchen

A great little out of the way train station in Wilton, IA

The Wilton train station
If you are ever near Wilton, Iowa you should stop by the Wilton Candy Kitchen at 310 Cedar Street.  The original building was built back in 1856. In 1909 the Gus Nopoulos opened the current soda fountain and candy store there. When you walk through the front door you are transported to a different time. The music playing is of the big band era and more than likely George Nopoulos,the current owner, will be singing along. George makes his own ice cream three times a week and it is very good. Don't forget to sign the guest book.  Just around the corner is a neat little train station which is a great place to snap a few photos.