To the Parkway

Pony by a creek

One of a thousand beautiful views along the river

Bunches Bald Overlook

Mustang overheats slightly

Looking Glass Falls

A Natural Trout Stream Marking

After riding The Tail of the Dragon we slowly made our way up US 28 over to US 19 and eventually onto the end of the Blue Ridge Parkway near Cherokee, NC. It is really hard to get anywhere fast when you drive the back roads. There is always a reason to stop and look at everything along the way. Running with the AC on while climbing mountains and doing all this stop and go sightseeing caused the Mustang to overheat slightly at one of the stops. We probably would have been okay if we had kept driving since it didn't actually overheat until we stopped to take pictures at Bunches Bald Overlook. We stopped for 20-30 minutes to let the motor cool off and we were fine. There is much construction going on right now on the Parkway and we where forced to take a small detour because about 10 miles of the Parkway was closed. This actually turned out to be a good thing since the detour took us right past Looking Glass Falls. This beautiful 60 foot drop falls is right next to US 276 in the Pisgah National Forest. As if we needed to be reminded we were in the wilderness, there were "wild" markers along the stream after the falls indicating that it was a native trout stream.