Hot Rod Power Tour - Day 1 - Newton, IA

Bubba with Chip Foose

Foose Camaro at the Mother's booth

Iowa Speedway lot early in the morning of Day 1
The Hot Rod Power Tour is one of those things you must do once in your life if you are a car person. It is truly amazing to see all the different cars and people that gather for this event. The 2010 HRPT started in Newton, Iowa at the Iowa Speedway. This great facility allowed 1/8 mile drag racing and also charity laps around the 7/8 mile oval. We passed on the drag race but we did blast around the oval for a few laps. Too bad we really couldn't get much speed due to the slower cars in front of us. 90mph was the best we could do; that's highway cruising speed. Chip Foose was available for signing autographs. He is really as nice as he seems to be on TV! Another photo for the wall in Bubba's Garage.