Strolling the Grounds of the Biltmore House and Gardens

Walking the grounds of the Biltmore House and Gardens, in Asheville, NC,  is an enjoyable experience. There are acres and acres of grounds to cover on well maintained trails. The house itself is beautiful and even if you travel outside of the blooming season, as we did on this warm afternoon in late May, you should be able to find something in the gardens to interest yourself.

Biltmore House

First off, be prepared for a bit of sticker shock. The price of admission is $60 a person. You can save a few dollars by ordering your tickets online at least a week in advance. I guess it is fair considering how much it costs to maintain the property. Just look at all the stone work on the building. Gargoyles and grotesques can be found all over the estate which was opened in 1895 by George Vanderbilt.

Grotesque at Biltmore House

Gargoyles and Grotesques at Biltmore House

Grotesque at Biltmore House

Plan on spending several hours exploring the trails to the different gardens. There are nine distinct garden areas from the formal Italian gardens to the informal bass pond and boat house. You will find all types of flowers, shrubs, and trees along the paths.

Bass Pond at Biltmore Gardens

Mountain Laurel at Biltmore Gardens

Cypress Knees at Biltmore Gardens

Spillway Falls at Biltmore Gardens

The rose garden and the conservatory have by far the largest varieties of plants and flowers in the smallest space. The rose garden is said to contain over 250 different varieties. You will also find many varieties of orchids blooming in the conservatory.

The Conservatory at Biltmore Gardens

Orchids in the Conservatory at Biltmore Gardens

Orchids in the Conservatory at Biltmore Gardens

The Rose Garden at the Biltmore Gardens

If you decide to visit the Biltmore House and Gardens be sure to bring your walking shoes. To get the full benefit of your stay you are going to be walking several miles of beautiful trails in and around the gardens.