Road Trip: Mister Ed's Candy Emporium

Are you looking for a unique candy shop for some munchies? Search no further than Mister Ed's Candy Emporium. Located on the Lincoln Highway (Rt. 30) in Orrtanna, PA, this candy store / elephant museum has a fine selection of sweets for everyone.

Mister Ed's Candy Emporium

We like to stroll around the woods and gardens around Mister Ed's. We continue to find silly items scattered about. Of course many of them are elephant related in theme.

Fountains at Mister Ed's

Large Elephant Statue at Mister Ed's

Hanging Crayons at the Edge of the Mister Ed's Enchanted Forest

Mister Ed's Enchanted Forest

Ducking back inside you will find just about any type of candy that you desire. There are always seasonal items, bulk candy, and a good selection of nostalgic candies to choose from. With all the elephants around, you know Mister Ed's has peanuts! This also tends to be the place we travel to when looking for that newest PEZ dispenser to add to our collection.

Mister Ed's Candy Store

PEZ Dispensers at Mister Ed's