Road Trip: Historic Round Barn and Farm Market

Combining good eats and something interesting to see is always a great recipe for a road trip. The Historic Round Barn, built in 1914, houses a collection of locally grown and made items for sale during the summer and fall. The barn is easy to find off of the Lincoln Highway (Rt. 30) in Biglerville, PA (eight miles west of Gettysburg, PA).

Historic Round Barn near Gettysburg, PA

The Historic Round Barn is a impressive structure. From their website:
The circumference of the barn is 282 feet, with a diameter of over 87 feet. As was characteristic of round barns, the barn was constructed around a central silo measuring 60 feet high and 12 feet wide, with storage capacity of 145 tons of silage. The silo acts as the "hub" of a wheel, with 38 "spokes" that form the interior structure and support for the second floor. All but one of the "spokes" are single lengths of wood -- each nearly 37 feet long!! The barn as it was originally constructed could house 50 head of cattle and about 16 mules or horses.
The ground floor now holds the store while an upper floor can be rented for events and parties.

Items for sale at the Historic Round Barn

Looking up from the second floor of the Historic Round Barn

Historic Round Barn

The barn sits on a restored apple orchard which was originally planted in 1878 by Noah Sheely.

Bins of apples at the Historic Round Barn

Orchard at the Historic Round Barn

Apple crates at the Historic Round Barn

And of course my favorite part of visiting the Historic Round Barn is the petting zoo. I almost always make a beeline to the critters when given half a chance.

Bubba scratches a horse at the Historic Round Barn

Horse at the Historic Round Barn