Road Trip – Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, SC

We are always looking for things to do while we are in Myrtle Beach and this time around we decided to head on over to Brookgreen Gardens. Located just a few miles south of Myrtle Beach off of Highway 17, the gardens are a great escape from the usual touristy vibe of Myrtle. Even though it was at the end of the season, we found enough flowers and plants to keep us happy.




The trails are well laid out (pick up a map at the welcome center) which makes all the displays inviting. A small boardwalk runs next to the rice fields and leads to the animals of the Lowcountry Zoo. I would recommend some mosquito repellant if you don’t want to feed the locals. You can also take a excursion boat ride on their 48-foot pontoon boat.


All of the native animals in the Lowcountry Zoo were either bred and raised in captivity or were obtained from a wildlife rehabilitation center after sustaining a major disability due to injury. The chickens are very inquisitive when you drop your lens cap into their pen. Don’t ask how I know. Also, the fox squirrels around here are HUGE! Be careful of the snakes; we saw two during our visit.



One great thing about going to these places in the off season is that you can relax and be your crazy self.



From the Brookgreen Gardens Website:

Brookgreen Gardens, the first public sculpture garden in America, has in its collection more than 1,400 works by over 350 sculptors. Exhibited within the gardens is the largest and most comprehensive collection of American figurative sculpture in the country, by sculptors who worked from the early nineteenth century to the present. Brookgreen Gardens is a National Historical Landmark, and is accredited by the American Association of Museums.


The combination of art, gardens, and wildlife is sure to put a smile on your face.