Traveling the Lincoln Highway - Day 1 Chambersburg, PA to Latrobe, PA

We started our Lincoln Highway vacation just outside Chambersburg, PA following Route 30 at Shatzer Fruit Market. Here we encountered our first "Roadside Giant" of the Lincoln Highway, first painted gas pump, and purchased some homemade applesauce. This was a great way to start our long journey.

Lincoln Highway Roadside Giant - 1920 Seldon 1 1/2 Ton Pickup

Just Peachy by Anne Finucane

Shatzer Fruit Market on the Lincoln Highway

Stopping at roadside markets would be a common occurrence as we traveled east to west on the Lincoln Highway. C & R Produce in St. Thomas, PA had plenty of Spring flowers to welcome us but the large Lincoln Highway mural is what really caught our eye.

Lincoln Highway Mural at C & R Produce

Spring flowers at C & R Produce

You can find another Roadside Giant at the Down-River Golf and Country Club in Everett, PA. This giant quarter was designed and built by the students of Bedford County Technical Center.

Lincoln Highway Roadside Giant - Quarter

Downtown Everett, once known as Bloody Run, has some interesting old buildings. The Carolyn Courts Motel was built back in the 40's. The Union Hotel started out as a tavern in 1802. The brick front was added 1891. It was majorly remodeled in 2009 and is once again open for business. The Everett Theater was opened in the 1930's.

Carolyn Courts Motel - Everett, PA

Lincoln Highway Mural, Everett, PA

Everett Theater - Everett, PA

Carolyn Courts Motel - Everett, PA

Lincoln Highway Sign - Everett, PA

We stopped in Bedford, PA for lunch and to do a little shopping. On the far side of town is a great art deco gas station. Dunkle's Gulf was opened in 1933 by Dick Dunkle. You can still get gas and have your car serviced here!

Just outside of town at the Bedford County Fairgrounds sits the restored building that is shaped like an 18-ft high coffee pot. It was originally built in 1927 but was moved across the street and restored in 2004.

Bedford Coffee Pot Building on the Lincoln Highway

Bedford Coffee Pot Building on the Lincoln Highway

Every once in awhile we took a short detour to visit something nearby to the Lincoln Highway. Our first of many side trips to covered bridges was in Bedford County.  Just a few minutes from Route 30 you can find the Colvin Covered Bridge. Built in 1880 by J. H. Thompson, this multiple king post covered bridge is the oldest in the county.

Colvin Covered Bridge - Bedford County, PA

Colvin Covered Bridge - Bedford County, PA

The Pied Piper of the old Storyland in Schellsburg, PA still plays on off of the Lincoln. You can see the other attractions behind the craft store owned by the daughter of the original park's owners.

Pied Piper of Storyland - Schellsburg, PA

Two miles west of Schellsburg sits The Bison Corral. You can pick up some trinkets here as well as native american arts. Ask the owners were you can see the bison. Usually they aren't too far away to spot.

A bison near the Lincoln Highway

The Bison Corral Gift Shop

Remembering our Native American Past by Carol Wood & Regis Kirby

Lincoln Highway Mural - Schellsburg, PA

We stopped to pay our respects at the location of the former S.S. Grand View Hotel. There are still scorched trees but all that remains of the hotel are a few pieces of metal and concrete.

We stopped at Duppstadt's Country Store in Buckstown, PA for some drinks. There has been a country store in this location since 1904, long before the Lincoln Highway was paved. Now it's still a great place to pick up some munchies for the trip.

Duppstadt's Country Store on the Lincoln Highway

Duppstadt's Country Store on the Lincoln Highway

Lincoln Highway and Busckstown Road

Summer Day in Somerset County by Stephen Lauman

Just off of Route 30 you can find another covered bridge in Stoystown, PA. The Trostletown Covered Bridge was originally built in 1873. Renovated in 1996 by the Stoystown Lions Club, the bridge sits across from the American Legion Post #257.

Trostletown Covered Bridge

American Legion Post #257

Near the intersection of Rt. 219 South near Jennerstown, PA we came upon another Roadside Giant. "Bicycle Built for Two" was created by Somerset County Technology Center students and weighs in at a over 1,800 lbs.

Lincoln Highway Roadside Giant - Bicycle Built for Two

Our last stop for the day was another Roadside Giant. Located in Ligonier, Pa this 25-ft tall replica of a 1940s Bennett Gas Pump was designed and fabricated by students at Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center in Latrobe, PA. It is said to weigh a whopping 4,900 lbs.

Lincoln Highway Roadside Giant - 1940s Bennett Gas Pump

After a long day on the road we checked in to the Wingate Hotel in Latrobe, PA for some much needed sleep.