Spring Cars and Coffee at Summit Point Motorsports Park

Summit Point Motorsport Park swung open its gates and allowed all forms of car nuts to pile onto the field for the Spring Cars and Coffee event. The gathering was hosted by Country Roads Car Club and the excellent coffee was provided by Black Dog Coffee. Summit Point has just recently started having these events and it is a great way to get to see some racing for free.

Summit Point Cars and Coffee

The gates usually open around 8:00AM and the Country Roads Car Club members direct the arriving car enthusiasts to a sectioned-off grassy area for parking. Black Dog Coffee sets up their tent just a little ways up the hill.

Jennifer serves up some Black Dog Coffee

Lotus arriving for Summit Point Cars and Coffee

Vintage Terraplane at Summit Point Cars and Coffee

Cars and Coffee at Summit Point Motorsports Park

There was a diverse selection of vehicles present on this day. Everything from stock vintage drivers to high-end exotics.

Trudy Burnley driving an awesome modified '57 Corvette

Ferrari at Summit Point Cars and Coffee

Pontiac at Summit Point Cars and Coffee

Dodge Viper at Summit Point Cars and Coffee

As I mentioned earlier, one of the perks of going to Cars and Coffee at the track is you get to watch racing for free! The The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) was holding their Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series (MARRS) race at the track. Just like the vehicles at the cruise-in there was a little of everything running on the track.

Graham Fuller's Austin Mini at Summit Point MARRS 1

Jim Luehrs' Ford Tudor at Summit Point MARRS 1

Miatas racing at Summit Point SCCA MARRS 1

Paul Drula's Stohr Wf1 at Summit Point Motorsports Park

Entropy Racing made a few exhibition laps in their new EVSR Electric Race Car. It was very surreal to see this race car fly by at high speed and make very little noise. Is this the future of racing?

Entropy Racing's EVSR Electric Race Car

After watching all the racing it was time for the Cars and Coffee participants to take a couple of laps. For a $5 donation you could make two laps around the track. Speeds were limited by a pace car and even more if you are unlucky to get stuck behind one of those stock vintage models.

Peg takes a couple laps around Summit Point in her VW Beetle

This would probably be the only time Peg could say she beat a Corvette while at Summit Point Motorsports Park. :-)

Peg races a Corvette at Summit Point

Everyone had a great time and the event lasted way into the afternoon. Check out more of our photos over on our photo site.

SCCA MARRS 1 - Summit Point Motorsports Park photos
Summit Point Motorsports Park Cars and Coffee photos