Photos from WERA Motorcycle Road Racing at Summit Point

Motorcycles took to the track once again at Summit Point Motorsports Park in Summit Point, WV for the Pirelli/WERA Sportsman Series. BG Customs Photography was on hand all day Saturday to photograph riders on the Summit Point Circuit as they battled the 2 mile road course.


The day started early with crews and riders in the pits tending to last minute adjustments and safety inspections.

20130420-Summit-Point-WERA-2 copy20130420-Summit-Point-WERA-5 copy

20130420-Summit-Point-WERA-9 copy

20130420-Summit-Point-WERA-11 copy20130420-Summit-Point-WERA-12 copy

The Summit Point Circuit only has 10 turns and includes a 2,900 foot main straight that allows for some high speeds. In order to capture the feeling of speed that these motorcycle are capable of we were panning with a slow shutter speed for most of the day. For the photographers out there, most of the panning photos were shot at 1/50 or 1/60 at around f11 and ISO100.

20130420-Summit-Point-WERA-255 copy

20130420-Summit-Point-WERA-432 copy

To take a bit of a break and to get a few varied shots, the shutter speed was cranked up to freeze the action of the motorcycle riders on the track.

20130420-Summit-Point-WERA-407 copy

20130420-Summit-Point-WERA-448 copy

One other trick to making interesting photos at road racing events is to tilt the camera. This tends to add more impact to the photo.


20130420-Summit-Point-WERA-495 copy

Summit Point Motorsports Park is a nice facility and WERA puts on a very good event. WERA races are a great way to spend the day watching motorcycles zip around the track.

Head over to our photo gallery site to see more photos from Saturday’s race. All photos can be purchased if you want to keep a copy for yourself. If you were at the race or in it, be sure to leave a comment.

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