Need a Cool Cake? How about a PEZ Dispenser Cake?

When you have a PEZHead in the family you can make a big impression by commissioning a birthday cake in the shape of a PEZ dispenser. I contacted Teri of Teri’s Cake Creations once again to create an original cake for Peg’s birthday. I told Teri that one of Peg’s favorite PEZ dispensers is a Pony-Go-Round and I gave her a couple of links to images of the PEZ dispenser.  I also asked her to change “PEZ” to “PEG” and that was it. What Teri came up with was way more than I could have hoped for. The cake was very detailed and a good likeness to the dispenser. It even included an embossed hinge pin. Peg was thrilled. I was happy. Life is good. Thanks Teri!

Pony-Go-Round PEZ Cake

The head from a Pony-Go-Round PEZ CakePeg's Pony-Go-Round PEZ Cake