Visiting Saluda, North Carolina

We took a little road trip to Saluda, North Carolina to check out the town.  Saluda is famous for being at the crest of the Saluda Grade, the steepest mainline standard-gauge track in the eastern United States. Rail traffic was suspended in December of 2001 but Norfolk Southern does not plan to abandon the rails and still maintains the line.

Mainstreet in Saluda has several nice shops. Our first stop was to Ward's Grill for a fabulous breakfast. We then went next door to the Historic Thompson's Store. The current store has been in this location since 1940. "Charlie’s Sage Sausage" alone is worth the trip!

The oldest store in town opened in its current location in 1913. Walking into the M.A. Pace General Store is like stepping back in time. The upper walls are even decorated with vintage items that the store used to sell.

There are several other art shops in town that are worth browsing through as well. Saluda is a great little town and we definitely plan on coming back.