More Snow for Bubba's Garage

This winter has been pretty rough on all of us here at Bubba's Garage. It started out with crazy cold temperatures then it threw some ice at us. And what was hopefully the ending salvo? Try 20"+ of snow! This isn't normal for these parts. We are lucky if we see 20" of snow in an entire season.

20" of snow

So we could whine like many of the others on the mountain; "Where are the snow plows?"  But that isn't our style at the garage. Stop bitchin' and get to work.  Of course it doesn't hurt to have the right equipment for the job.

Snow blower auger

Bubba clearing the driveway

Bubba blowing snow

And we aren't talking about just blowing a little snow. We have things to do and places to go so I cleared the streets all the way down to the main road.

Road in front of house

Road at the end of the street

Road around the corner and down to the main road

Sure it was a lot of work but at least I was sure it would be clear.  It is nice when the State road crews come through but we don't depend on them. Besides, almost everyone was inside moaning and groaning about the snow.  I was alone outside enjoying how pretty everything was while getting work done.

Icicles on the house

Valentine's Day flag in the snow

A very wise man once said, "Git-r-done!"  Oh, and look good doing it.

Bubba Harmon from Bubba's Garage