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Backstage Meet and Greet with Alton Brown

I have always liked Alton Brown ever since his early days with "Good Eats". So when the chance came to see his live show in Baltimore, MD at the Lyric Opera House I quickly purchased tickets. I was happy to discover a nice bonus to purchasing tickets up front for "Alton Brown Live: The Edible Inevitable Tour" was a backstage Meet and Greet with Alton himself.

Peg, Alton Brown, and Bubba

Alton took the time to talk to everyone. He signed pretty much anything you wanted him to sign. His staff helped out with holding jackets and bags and also took photos for everyone. How awesome was that!

Alton Brown signs a photo

We soon settled into our third row center seats and waited for the show. With the pre-show entertainment of belching and farting yeast sock puppets we knew we were going to have a hard time not enjoying ourselves (I don't care what you say, farts are funny). It was nearly three hours of laugh after laugh. Alton is fantastic! His interactions with the audience are priceless. I seriously can't remember ever laughing harder at any show I have ever attended. Throw in a bit of science and some musical numbers and you have an absolutely entertaining show.

Alton Brown Live!

If you ever get the chance to see Alton Brown live you really should. You won't regret it.

Alton Brown schwag


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