Collecting Glass at the Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club Show

Twice a year the Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club puts on a show around the Mid-Atlantic area. For this year’s March show the wife and I hopped in the car and traveled two hours to Shrewsbury, PA. The Shrewsbury Fire Hall is a very nice venue and allowed all the vendors to spread out. Time to start shopping for all those glass and ceramic electrical insulators.

Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club ShowShrewsbury Fire Hall


My wife, Peg, is the collector in the family and I am happy to tag along and take photos of the events. Plus it is always good to have an extra pair of hands as all these insulators can get heavy real quick. At the show, we found plenty of dealers willing to weigh us down with new insulators.

Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club ShowChesapeake Bay Insulator Club Show

Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club Show

Right now Peg is still collecting by looks. There is nothing wrong with picking up a pretty piece of glass for the mantel if that’s what makes you happy. And insulators come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. The club even had a table set up for St. Patrick’s Day green insulators.

Glass InsulatorsGlass Insulators

Green Glass Insulators

I noticed a number of individuals with pricing guides as well as dealers. If we continue to collect insulators we will probably need to pick up a guide. Anyone know of a good one?



  1. Bubba;
    Great pictures, For a current Insulator price guide contact the editor
    Donald Briel
    P.O. Box 138
    Providence Utah 84332

  2. Hey Bubba, Thanks for the great pics and a plug for this fascinating hobby. The friends I have made are as important to me as the pieces I collect. For anyone who would like to learn more about insulators visit Good Collecting! Ken