Road Trip Day 3–Museum of Geology and Motion Unlimited

We had time to kill while heading back to Rapid City, SD. On our “B” list of things to do was the Museum of Geology at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Once we were on the campus the museum was a little hard to find. Here’s a hint: you can find the museum in the O’Harra building at the center of the campus. It is a nice free museum that contains rocks and fossils; stuff Peg loves. She was even thrilled to learn that they named rocks after her. According to Wikipedia, “Pegmatite is a very coarse-grained, intrusive igneous rock composed of interlocking grains.”


We then made a totally unplanned trip was to Bill and Peggy Napoli’s Motion Unlimited Museum and Old Car Lot at the edge of town. This was my favorite stop of all the car places we visited on our trip. There is a great collection of toys, pedal cars, motorcycles, and of course cars in this outstanding place. If you are ever in Rapid City and you are a car buff, do yourself a favor and check this place out.