I Scream, You Scream, for the Turkey Hill Experience

Since everyone at Bubba’s Garage drinks Turkey Hill Iced Tea and occasionally eats Turkey Hill Ice Cream, when we saw the large sign advertising the Turkey Hill Experience just off of Route 30 in Columbia, PA, Peg and I had to stop. The Experience is housed in the old Ashley & Bailey Silk Mill that sat empty for more than 25 years before Turkey Hill transformed the building into a neat interactive educational exhibit. You can learn about (and sample) various teas and drinks, design your own ice cream, star in a commercial, freeze in the freezer, and enjoy several other areas. Don’t forget to climb aboard the Divco and toot its horn. Oh, and you can also milk a fake cow. We enjoyed our stay but the experience is pretty pricey for what it is; $11.50 for adults and $9.50 for kids. If you go in hungry and chow down on some samples I guess the price wouldn’t be too bad. You can always just skip the exhibits and head straight for the creamery on the first floor.