Peg’s VW Beetle – “Smoochys”

A clean car and a freshly recoated driveway meant it was time to try out some photo techniques.


Just your average shot of a car. But, I used X-Rite’s ColorChecker Passport to nail the color. I am very impressed at how easy this product is to use. You just take a shot of the color swatches under the light that you are going to take the shot under and the software creates a profile for you. Use the profile in Adobe Lightroom or Camera Raw.


How about from a different angle? For this shot I climbed a tall ladder and used Joby’s GorillaPod Focus wrapped around a step. Since all these photos were taken in the early morning light there would be no way I could hand hold these shots without turning the ISO way up on my camera. I didn’t want to battle the noise so a cable release and the GorillaPod worked well.


For the last shot I used the GorillaPod once again but flat on the ground. I like these low angled shots of cars.


One bad thing about being the photographer is that you aren’t in many photos. A tripod and a timer can fix that problem. Just pre-focus on a spot and set your timer with enough time for you to get in position. Smile!