Decorating Bubba’s Garage

So how do you decorate your garage? Are you all business or do you like to have fun?


In Bubba’s Garage we are definitely about the fun! We can’t seem to leave a flea market or a big car show without picking something up to hang on the wall. We also collect diecast hearses and ‘59 Cadillacs that we display on inexpensive bookshelves in the garage. We also like to hang photos of us with celebrity car guys and autographs on our walls. It is a great way to remember past events. What ever you do your garage should reflect who you are.


If you enter your vehicles in car shows you will eventually have a collection of trophies. We purchased some brackets and pre-finished shelving from Home Depot to display them. For displaying our dash plaques we used dry erase boards that we picked up from Staples. A couple of the boards are metal backed so they work great for the shows that give out the magnetic dash plaques.