Protection in Bed

The front of Line-X of Hagerstown's shop
Line-X is durable and good looking

I have had my new Ford F-150 truck for about 6 months now and it has been very handy as a parts vehicle. The bed was starting to get scratched up so I decided it was time to put some sort of protection in the bed. By far the best functioning and looking option is a spray-in liner. Line-X seems to have a good reputation so I looked up the closest dealer to Bubba's Garage and scheduled an installation time. I had the first appointment in the morning, 8:00 am, and the crew at Line-X of Hagerstown was already waiting when I arrived at 7:30. That in itself impressed me because most shops' workers struggle to be on time first thing in the morning. I chose a basic black liner (the photo is reflecting the blue of the truck) which set me back $500. They soon had my keys and I settled into a comfy recliner to watch some HGTV and read a book in their lounge. Two hours later I had my truck back. Another nice surprise; they had protected my interior with a seat cover and disposable floor mat. This isn't always the case for shops around here. The bed looked great and I was a happy camper once again.  The installation was an all around great experience.