Indoors Where it is Warm

So after being away from shooting car shows for awhile I was finally able to sneak away and take some photos. I almost turned back home because the roads were covered with snow and it was really windy. But, this would probably be my last chance for the year to do what I love.

The East Coast Indoor Nationals are held every year at the Cow Palace in Timonium, MD. Since it is an indoor show you can escape any nasty weather that is outside. The biggest problem with the building is the lighting is awful! I really need to get a good flash and a helper when I do these indoor shoots. Many of the photos I took were just not up to my standards; only a few were even acceptable. I did take a couple hundred shots and my legs are suffering from all the deep knee bends! Anyways, you can see a few more shots over at I guess the only way you get better is to practice.