Commissioning a Disney inspired sign by Raymond Kinman

 It's here! And it is beautiful. We discovered a woodcarving artist who has done pieces for Disney. Being Disney freaks, we loved his style. So, way back on August 3, 2021 we decided to commission Raymond Kinman to do a carved sign for our living room. The 18-month wait was well worth it!

Bubba and Peg Harmon
Through some casual e-mails, we came up with a concept. We had requested our phrase "make magic happen", Mickey and Minnie holding hands, the Walt Disney World Railroad Roger E. Broggie #3, and the year 1988. We agreed on a budget and sent a deposit for half the agreed upon price to hold our place in line. Then we waited...

After 16 months, Raymond sent us some sketches to narrow down the design.

Raymond Kinman concept art

We liked the flow of design "C".

Make Magic Happen final art approval

A short time after that, we had our final design sketch. We were super happy and gave Raymond the go ahead to continue with the piece.

Raymond Kinman begins carving

Raymond Kinman woodcarving

Raymond Kinman rough carves sign

On February 13, 2023 we finally got the e-mail we had been waiting for. Raymond Kinman wrote, "Your carving is on its way." Commence the happy dance. The wait for the short shipping time felt way longer than the long queue to get on this well-respected artist's schedule.  We highly recommend working with Raymond. Yes, the wait is VERY long, and the carving will be pricey. But trust us when we say you will be happy with the experience.

Bubba and Peg's sign by Raymond Kinman

Original Raymond Kinman certificate