Hardscape Improvements in Waynesville, NC

Since we are not taking a vacation this year due to COVID, we thought we would schedule some updates to the homestead. Back in February of this year, we contacted The YardFathers from Leicester, NC and got on their schedule for some hardscape improvements. After some weather and material delays, equipment began arriving on May 18 and work began. The work had four parts: a patio, a firepit, steps, and grass pavers.

The patio came first. We chose Belgard's Dublin Avondale pavers. But first, the YardFathers had to build us a small retaining wall, using large boulders, to hold back the hill. They used smaller stones to terrace the hill. We were very happy with that look.

They then moved on to the front parking area. We were tired of looking at all the gravel in front of the house so we had Belgard's Turfstone installed. This will allow us to have some green in front of the house but still allow for overflow parking.

The YardFathers had some issues finding us large flat stones for our steps. After searching all the local rock yards, they pulled a few strings and were able to locate enough to build our steps. The steps should make it easier to navigate the steep slope in the future.

Time to install the firepit. We went with a 25" HPC propane burner. This will allow us to use small 20lbs bbq style propane tanks to power the unit. No burning wood means less of a chance of lighting the woods on fire. Again, material shortages had us change or original material choice to what we could get in stock.

The initial install and fireplace tweaking took a lot longer than I expected but, overall, we are quite happy with the results. Once the grass grows back and the plants grow in we should have a very nice garden area to enjoy.

If you need hardscape services in the Asheville, NC area be sure to request a quote from the YardFathers.