Glass Blowing at Jackson County Green Energy Park

We had so much fun taking a class at the Jackson County Green Energy Park that we decided to do it again. We gathered up some friends and made arrangements with Cole Johnson to have him teach us to make glass blown pumpkins. Each pumpkin took a little over twenty minutes to make. We picked our colors and away we went.

Pumpkins from Green Energy Park

Glass Shop at the Jackson County Green Energy Park

Cole Johnson Preparing for Class

After gathering some glass, we added our chosen colors to the molten blob.

Adding Frit to the pumpkin

We heated the glass to combine the glass frit. Then, we began the fun part; shaping our pumpkins!

Peg Heating the Glass

Peg Blowing Glass

Joy Shaping Glass

Peg Blowing Glass in the Die

Bubba Creating a Break Point on the Glass

Bubba Flattening his Pumpkin Bottom

Cole added the stems for us and then the pumpkins went in to the kiln to anneal for a day.

Cole Shapes the Glass Pumpkin Stem

Cole Fire Polishes the Pumpkin's Cut Stem

Pumpkins Annealing at the Jackson Count Green Energy Park

Once again, we had so much fun that we are already planing our next project. With Cole Johnson as our instructor of course! 

Group Shot at the Jackson County Green Energy Park