Gatlinburg SkyLift Park SkyBridge

We drove over to the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park just to experience the new SkyBridge. Now considering Peg and I are both scared of heights, this was a bit of a thrilling adventure. The suspension bridge is the longest in the United States at 680 feet. At its center, swinging 140' from the ground, are three glass panels. Whew! To get to the bridge you have to first take the SkyLift.

SkyBridge Gatlinburg

SkyLift Park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Chairlifts don't bother me much but they do bother Peg. This one in Gatlinburg is fairly steep and takes a few minutes to reach the top. Occasionally it will pause to allow slower individuals to get on and off. Peg was not amused. At the top, you will find the SkyDeck. The SkyDeck offers beautiful views of Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains. Walk up around the fountain and you will find the SkyBridge.

SkyDeck in Gatlinburg, Tennessee


The bridge does sway. If it is breezy, like it was when we went, it sways a fair amount. It's nothing to extreme but if you are scared of heights it is enough to get your heart pounding even more. The bridge is five feet wide so you won't be able to hold on to both sides to steady yourself. Peg made it about ten feet and had to turn around. I made it across but didn't have the courage to stop and take pictures of the glass floor.


Peg and Bubba on the SkyLift

We survived! And, I got my proof that I actually went on the SkyBridge. We plan on doing it again once all the construction is finished and the landscaping fills in.

Bubba on the SkyBridge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee