Photos from Anakeesta

We took the chairlift up to Anakeesta in Gatlinburg, Tennesee to check out their progress. The park had been open just a little over a year when we visited.

The views are beautiful and the Bentz family continues to add to the park. While we were there we could see them working on the gardens and the mountain coaster.

One of the best features which is included with admission would have to be the canopy walk. This rope bridge in the trees is both beautiful and, to some, a bit scary.

We had fun but there isn't a whole lot to do without spending extra money. They do allow you to come and go all day. We rode the chairlift a second time just because we could. We even saw a bear while on the lift (not just the phony ziplining one). A word of caution, the yellow jackets were extremely aggressive in the restaurant. I was being very careful, since I am allergic to there stings, and got stung anyways.

We will be back to continue checking on the park's progress in the near future.