Hunting Bargains at the Lionel Warehouse Sale

Once a year Lionel opens up its warehouse for an overstock sale. We drove down to the Concord, North Carolina offices to see if we could score some bargains. The warehouse was packed with people! To there credit, Lionel did a fantastic job at moving shoppers through the cashier lines quickly.

Our main goal was to pick up some refurbished Southern Railway locomotives. We figured that we had a good shot at this since Lionel had released a few models in the last year.  There were several tables of items to look through. You had to be quick because stuff was moving fast.

SCORE! At the bottom of the stack was a LionChief Plus Southern Mikado #4501. Bonus points since we have actually ridden behind this engine at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Street price is around $380 and we purchased the refurb for $230.  We also came home with a bunch of other odds and ends.  Overall it was a good experience.  Next year we will try and be there when the doors open.