Photos from the WWII Weekend in Reading, PA

If you like vintage warbirds or anything related to WWII then do yourself a favor and visit the WWII Weekend held by the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, Pennsylvania.  Every June a dedicated group of reenactors puts on a fantastic event based on the time era of WWII.

You will find many types of operating WWII vehicles at this show. Driving up and down the show field you will often see Jeeps, trucks, motorcycles, and occasionally even tanks!

The reenactors are the real stars of the show. Many of them camp out the entire weekend; never breaking character. Different encampments are constructed representing various countries and military divisions.

The highlight of the event are the afternoon airshows.  Various vintage aircraft take to the sky while an announcer provides historical commentary about the warbirds.  The WWII aircraft often includes trainers, fighters, bombers,  and transport planes.

Be sure not to miss the next exciting WWII Weekend held the first full weekend of June every year.

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