Photos from the Checkered Flag Jalopy Showdown

You can call it vintage racing or nostalgia racing but we just call it fun. The Jalopy Showdown at the Latimore Valley Fairgrounds in York Springs, PA brings together racers and hot rods for one great Saturday. The show is to raise money for the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing and it truly is hard not to have a good time.

Jalopy Showdown racing

Even though the infield was soupy in many places from all the flooding the previous week there were plenty of traditional, non-billet adorned, rides to enjoy. Race cars were parked next to both vintage cars and cool customs.

Vintage Police Car at the Jalopy Showdown

If you arrived too late you ended up parking next to the creek. And, if you were later than that you had to cross the dreaded bridge. I saw several low cars that just couldn't make it.  Hot rods were everywhere!


Rat Rod at the Jalopy Showdown

Cool Lincoln crosses the bridge at the Jalopy Showdown

Lowrider at the Jalopy Showdown

There were more things to do than just look at all the cars. There were vendors. There were bands. And then there was Peg's favorite. She couldn't stop smiling after taking a ride on The Rocket.

Agave Trio plays the Jalopy Showdown

Vendors at the Jalopy Showdown

Latimore Valley Fairgrounds Rocket Ride

Of course you are going to find rat rods but some of the creativity that goes into these crazy rides just makes you smile.  Anyone missing a toaster?

Fun hood ornament

A toaster as a shift boot?

Do you like original patina? What a great car show to find that old faded paint.

Mercury at the Jalopy Showdown

Packard at the Jalopy Showdown

You can't have a race museum benefit show without some racing. Vintage sprint cars, midgets, and stock cars were all making laps around the dirt track as well as roadsters and coupes.  Dust was flying, rocks were being hurled, and I couldn't stop laughing as I and my fellow crazies were having a blast. Racing on the dirt track made for a feeling of "this was what it was like a long time ago."

Over on the other side of the Latimore Valley Fairgrounds is the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing. They have a wide variety of racing vehicles on display.

Eastern Museum of Motor Racing

Eastern Museum of Motor Racing

We were sad to leave but definitely enjoyed our stay at the Jalopy Showdown.  Go browse more of our photos from this year's event over on our photo website. BG Customs race photos or car show photos.