Working on the ‘48 Ford Tudor


On Saturday, we were back in the garage working on our 1948 Ford Tudor Sedan street rod. This car has so many problems that I don’t think we will ever be able to fix them all but it still is a fun car.  I am trying to think of it as a learning experience. We started out with a Bitchin Products dash but it requires some modifications to fit our setup. To be able to clear the windshield wiper transmission we had to create a bump in the dash top. Using a little muscle and a closet rod, I was able to bend the sheet metal into a nice arc. We then ran the pieces through the bandsaw using a guide to enable us to cut the arc to a 1/2” height. I then cut some circles out of 18 gauge sheet metal and welded them into the ends. We cut the ends to the correct height and finished them on the belt sander. They are now ready for final welding on the dash. The firewall needs some attention so Peg put on her safety gear and began grinding of rust and paint so we can weld some patch panels.