Road Trip–Chambersburg, PA



Our Saturday road trip took us up Molly Pitcher Highway (Route 11) in Chambersburg, PA. The goal was to go to Trickling Springs Creamery to pick up some real milk; a couple gallons of whole milk and a quart of organic chocolate milk. The dairy produces the best milk around. On our way, we passed a Gibble’s distribution facility. It was too bad that all we were able to take away from there was a picture since they didn’t have a retail sales outlet. Probably the best stop on the trip was the Country Breeze Farm Market. This fantastic little market had all sorts of bulk items for baking and cooking. We took home some high gluten flour, mushroom popcorn kernels, lemon baking chips, Wilbur chocolate chips, a couple of dip mixes, and a bottle of Pennsylvania Dutch birch beer.  Our final stop was to check out Johnnies. Johnnies is a restaurant and service supply store. We couldn’t escape without buying a commercial grade frying pan and some Hershey’s chocolate Twizzlers. The trip was a great few hours of exploring. I just love picking a random destination and driving.