Let the Weekend Begin - Off to Spring Carlisle

Lots of Cars for Sale at Spring Carlisle

6 Foot Tall Carlisle Rooster for Sale

What an absolutely perfect start to the weekend! I headed off to Spring Carlisle with a couple of good friends to see if I could part with some of my hard earned cash. Carlisle was packed as usual but I was able to find a few good bargains on some tools and supplies. Many of the vendors I purchased from threw in freebies to sweeten the deal (you can never go wrong offering Bubba a free hat!). As much as I wanted it, the rooster did not follow me home. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had his sister for lunch as a sandwich. You really need a couple of days to get to all the vendors but one day of walking up and down the hills is about all I can handle. At least I went home smiling.